If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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The Go Further Foundation’s mission is to create communities of young professionals committed to personal and professional growth. Our programs take a positive, proactive approach on mental health by offering resources and structure that are a constant reminder that nobody is on their journey alone.


To develop nationwide Go Further Communities where the mental health stigma is eradicated, potential is realized, and opportunities are ignited for the young professionals we serve. Together, we develop young professionals during a pivotal point in their lives, all while working to destroy the negative stigma that surrounds the mental health.

Our Why

By leveraging the experiences of those who have undergone life’s challenges, we foster an environment for the learning and development of young professionals. Our organization supports the journey of those entering the workforce as they navigate a new environment. No individual should be subjected to think they are on their path alone, and the Go Further Foundation exists to be that constant reminder and support system. 

About Us

The Go Further Foundation exists to be the mechanism that bridges the importance of both personal and professional development, and their ties with mental health. We support and aid the well-being of young adults who are on their journey to achieve their own personal and professional goals. The Go Further Foundation’s goal is to support this journey, guided by the principles, “If you want to go far, go together”. We assist this transition into adulthood through our programs and resources including mentorship, executive coaching, networking clubs, and mental health education for all of our community members.

Going far by going together. 

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The Go Further Foundation is a community that exists to support that transition into adulthood and be a constant reminder that nobody is on their journey alone. - Mark Potts, President

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