Mark Potts

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Born in Connecticut, I moved to Olathe, Kansas, when I was nine years old. Growing up in Kansas, I attended Blue Valley Southwest High School eventually pursuing my degree from Kansas State University. During my undergraduate career, I joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity and had the opportunity to serve as the New Member Educator, a position that helps teach and mentor new classes of young men transitioning from high school into college. Holding that position was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life in terms of personal growth and fulfillment of watching those young men grow.

Finding a passion in management, I received my degree in Business Administration and began my professional career at Amazon, launching the new fulfillment center in Gardner, Kansas. During my tenure at Amazon, I was passionate about building my team and investing in others. It was in my transition to night shift, I began to experience mental health struggles and decided to leave my position. The next two years, I navigated my way through anxiety and depression with the help of loved ones, friends and educating myself on mental health. After reflecting on this experience, I realized I was not on my own in experiencing mental health struggles while making the difficult transition from a structured environment to the “real world.”

That’s where the Go Further Foundation comes in. Motivated by my personal experiences, I was inspired to create a community where vulnerability is viewed as a strength, where we put value on profesional growth and support personal development. The Go Further Foundation is a community that exists to support that transition into adulthood and be a constant reminder that nobody is on their journey alone.