Colleen Geller

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Born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, I decided to go for quite the change of scenery and attend Kansas State University for college. The “Little Apple” quickly stole my heart, and I realized the many reasons this small college town was nicknamed “Manhappiness”. Throughout my undergraduate career, I was appointed the New Member Coordinator for the Pi Beta Phi Sorority and was a lead member of a Social Psychology Research Lab where I presented my research at both regional and national convocations, eventually graduating in 2017 with a degree in Psychology.

Following graduation, I made the decision to move back to sweet home Chicago to pursue my Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Roosevelt University. My relevant background and research include organizational change and development, climate & commitment in the workplace, and employment testing. Following graduation in 2019, I began my career as an Organizational Development & Change Management Specialist for a global organization, eventually moving on to my current position as a Learning & Organizational Effectiveness Associate for a major consulting firm based in Chicago.

Bringing awareness and working to eradicate the mental health stigma are issues that truly hit home. Throughout the course of my life, as well as close friends and family, I have struggled with differing mental health-related issues, more specifically depression and anxiety. I am grateful for the love, support, and access to mental health resources that I have been granted in my life, that have assisted in where I am today. However, I am fully aware that so many individuals are not lucky enough to have such readily accessible resources to assist during mental health crises, let alone resources to take a proactive approach on mental health.

By joining the Leadership Team of the Go Further Foundation in January 2021, I was able to reconnect with both Mark and Ryder, friendships that were formulated during my time at K-State, on a whole new level. I am forever appreciative that Go Further has granted me the opportunity to be a part of a platform that helps develop young professionals, and provide them with a trusting community so they know that they are never on their journey alone.