The Go Further Foundations mission is to create communities of young professionals committed to personal and professional growth. Our programs make a positive impact on mental health by offering resources and structure that are a constant reminder that nobody is on their journey alone.

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 Peer Mentorship

A trusting relationship built on the expectations that each individual is equal to the other. A mentor is able to offer support and advice from personal experiences, while a young professional transitioning into their new environment can offer differing perspectives and a motivating spirit. Community members participate in a twelve-month long program focused on goal setting to drive both personal and professional development.

Executive Coaching

We believe both wisdom and experience can be influential in overall development. We are joined by experienced professionals for monthly workshops, offered in various settings, discussing relevant topics to our community of young professionals.

Mental Health Education

We provide mental health educational resources to empower community members to combat the invisible enemy. Through partnerships with various accredited mental health organizations, GFF equips young adults with access to proper mental health trainings and crisis resources in order to take a proactive approach in battling the stigma associated with mental health.

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