Ryder Chaffee

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Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, I attended Seaman High School while eventually gaining my degree from Kanas State University in 2018. While at K-state, I was involved in the Sigma Fraternity and was fortunate enough to hold a handful of leadership positions and now volunteer as the Grand Praetor for the Kansas Province overlooking the four Sigma Chapters in the state of Kansas. These experiences have allowed me to help guide and direct our new members when at times may have felt lost in the pressure that a college environment can bring. Through my undergraduate career and now post grad, I have learned that giving back is a true passion of mine. The Go Further Foundation to me allows not only myself to continue to give back but encourages others to share their experiences with the young adults/professionals entering the real world through our mentee/mentor program. We can bring together a community of people to talk through and discuss issues of any magnitude as well as learn from the more experienced generations through executive coaching. The community we offer has the overarching goal to break the negative stigma around mental health, and to prove to others that it is not only okay to discuss mental health but also necessary. After graduation, I lost sight of the importance of how to live a healthy lifestyle, breaking my daily routine of exercising, not being aware of what foods I was putting on my plate each day, and forgetting how much that can negatively impact the mental mindset of a human being. Thankfully through a push from others, I was able to get back on track to create new habits tailored around my young professional life while also going back to school to pursue my Master of Business Administration Degree. I stand for this community as the Go Further Foundation stands for the healthy mental well-being of the ones around us